Hosting a webinar comes with a lot of hidden tasks. Sometimes, presenting a webinar on your own won’t be manageable. That’s why you can add multiple users in different roles, so you can make sure to divide the tasks.

Different users roles

We provide the following different users:

  • Presenter: Is the main presenter.Is managing the webinar. Can start and stop a webinar. Manages other users in a webinar. Access to all functionalities.

  • Co-presenter: Can take the role of presenter. Can join the webinar with video and audio on invitation. Can manage interactions and content (slides/videos) during speaking time. Can manage the chat (private and public). This means turning chat on or off and responding to viewer questions.

  • Moderator: Can respond to the chat (private and public) and can answer viewer questions this way. Or pass them on to the main presenter. Can turn chat on or off.

If differs for each package how many moderators you’re able to add. We'd like to refer you to our pricing page.

Change presenters

The account owner will automatically be assigned the role of presenter. When there’s an external co-presenter, you’re able to invite them as a presenter as well.

Click on your webinar and choose ‘Edit webinar’. Scroll to ‘Webinar users’.

When you’ve found the option that says ‘Presenter’ choose ‘Edit’ > ‘Change user’ and edit the information.

You have the option to send out an invitation email. If you’d like to do this later, you can go to the options next the host and choose ‘Edit’/’Options’ > ‘Send invitation email’.

Add users

Adding webinar users is possible after creating and publishing a new webinar. After publishing a new webinar, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard. That’s where you can add extra users and manage them.

On the webinar dashboard, choose “Add”. Next, scroll to ‘Webinar users’ and click on "+ Add user".

Select a role and add relevant information about the webinar user you’d like to invite.

The invite email will automatically be sent. Check the relevant box to avoid sending out an invite email. Don’t forget to "Save" to actually add the extra user.

The saved data can always be edited or removed. This can be done through editing your webinar. Go to “Webinar users“ and choose "Edit" > "Edit user" or "Remove user"

To actually invite a webinar user, send them a lovely email. Click on your webinar and scoll down to ‘Webinar users’.

Next to the webinar user, choose ’Options’ > ‘Send invitation email’.

This email will contain two unique links that allow the individual to participate in that role for the webinar. One link is for the test webinar (for when you’re using "Test the webinar" and start a test broadcast) and one is for the real live webinar:

The link for a webinar user is valid for the entire webinar, including all broadcasts. By clicking the invitation link, the person will be assigned the role you gave them in the webinar.

Test with another user

Obviously, you’d want to test before the webinar if all instructions are clear for all users.

In the test environment of the webinar, you have the option to invite test viewers and moderators. Links next to the start button allow you to invite the viewers and moderators.

To test together with the co-host, you do need to add that person as an "Extra user."

Next, send over the invite email, in which the co-presenter will receive a test link and a link for the real webinar. As soon as you open a test webinar using the feature "Test the webinar", you can establish a connection with the co-presenter.

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