With the Moneybird connection it’s possible to automatically include your paid webinar payments into your administration. Your viewers will automatically receive an invoice. The option makes using paid webinars within WebinarGeek easier than ever!

Aren’t offering paid webinars yet but are interested in giving one? Read more about it here.

How the connection works

The moment a subscriber makes a payment for the webinar, the connection will do the following in your Moneybird account:

  • Create a new contact based on company name and/or first and last name of the viewer.
  • Create a sales invoice for this contact.
  • Publish the sales invoice.
  • Register a payment for the sales invoice.
  • Initiate a workflow (which you can choose yourself). On the basis of this workflow you can e.g. send an email to the subscriber with the invoice.

The connection works like all WebinarGeek integrations, based on triggers and actions. The available trigger for Moneybird is "New payment" and the action is "Create new invoice".

What do you need?

You need a Moneybird account and need to use paid webinars within WebinarGeek.

It’s not possible to use this connection if the webinar payments are processed outside of WebinarGeek.

Right now we assume all payments include VAT and are created in euros. You can set your own VAT percentages.

Please note: for the connection to work correctly, it’s required that all your webinar registrations fill in either their company name or their first and last name.. These are the details Moneybird needs for a new contact. Make sure these fields are included in your registration form. The connection won’t work when e.g. a last name is missing, or when it’s not mandatory. When you request a company name, choose for the standard company name WebinarGeek field.

Set up the connection

  • The connection is set up by going to the Integrations page in your account. Next, choose Moneybird in the list with integrations and click on "Connect".
  • Next, log in with your Moneybird account.
  • The next page will ask your permission to connect Moneybird with WebinarGeek. You will allow WebinarGeek to create sales invoices in your name. Also choose the administration you’d like to connect WebinarGeek to here.
  • You’ll be redirected to WebinarGeek with a confirmation the connection is successful. Next, add a new trigger using "New trigger".
  • Choose "New payment" as a trigger and pick the action "Create new sales invoice".
  • You’ll be asked two questions now: which VAT percentage you’d like to use and which workflow should be selected. These options can still be edited after setting up the connection. A webinar payment will usually apply the standard VAT percentage. With the workflow you can choose what happens after the invoice has been created., e.g. if an email is delivered to the viewer and which email this is.
  • After creation the connection will be active! Right now, you can still edit the VAT percentage and the workflow if relevant, or do this for each individual webinar using webinar specific triggers.

Sync data and information on invoice

When creating a new contact, we’ll send along:

  • Company name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Country

For each payment we always create a new contact, you have the option to manually connect this to existing contacts afterwards (if you desire to do so).

Your invoice can be created in Moneybird as per usual. The information we add is an invoice addition with the following information:

  • Webinar title
  • Total amount paid (including VAT)

An example invoice will look similar to the following:

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