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Create and schedule email
Create and schedule email

Learn how to create a new email yourself. In this article we talk about reminder emails, follow up emails, evaluation reminders and more.

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Create your email

With WebinarGeek you have the option to set different types of email messages. You can edit them to your taste or corporate identity. Here you’ll find an overview of all emails and the option to create new emails.

Go to the webinar editor and click on 'Emails'. There you will find all your emails and the ability to create new ones. For live and automated webinars, we already provide you with the confirmation mail and a 'Draft' for a 'Replay email' in the overview.

For an on demand webinar, creating a confirmation email is optional.

When you click on '+ New email', you will also have the option to copy an existing email template. This way you can copy emails from previous webinars. Follow-up emails, replay emails and (evaluation or payment) reminder mails can be copied. However, you cannot copy the (payment) confirmation email.

Creating new emails in WebinarGeek

After creating your webinar, you will find several editable fields on the left-hand side, and you can use the editor to change the email content on the right.

Please note! You can only copy emails of the same type. This means that if you want to use an existing template for a reminder email, you can only copy reminder emails from previous webinars.

Tip! You can save blocks in the editor to use in other emails, regardless of email type. More information about saving blocks can be found here.

Email fields

These are the fields you are able to edit:

Name for internal use

A standard name will be used for each email you create; this is a name for internal use. This name will be displayed in the overview for all your webinars.

Not applicable to the confirmation email.

BCC email

A copy of each confirmation email is sent to the address you set in this field. You can use this to, for example, keep track of how many registrations you have.

Only applicable to the confirmation email.


This is where the standard subject for each newly created email will be displayed, which is the email subject your webinar subscribers will see.

You can also add a preheader when editing the email in the email editor under the tab 'Body' > 'Email settings'. The preheader is the short summary text following the subject line in an email.

Adding a preheader in the email editor

Sender name

The standard name will be your company name. This is the sender your webinar subscribers will see.

Sender email

The standard sender will be set as If you want to use your own email address as sender, you can click here for more information on how to do so.

Reply-to email

If you haven’t set your own email address at 'Sender email', you can fill in an email under 'Reply-to email'. When subscribers respond to your mail, the replies will be sent to this address.


Select which recipients should receive the mail. You will find the different recipient groups that you can choose below.

Please note! This differs per type of email.

  • All subscribers: Everyone who is registered for your webinar will receive the email.

  • Viewers: Subscribers who watched the live webinar and/or replay at the time the email is sent. For live webinars, there is no minimal watch time to be seen as a viewer. For replays, on demand and automated webinars, someone is seen a viewer after watching for at least 30 seconds.

  • Non-viewers: Subscribers that have not watched the live webinar and replay at the time the email is sent.

  • Paid subscribers: Subscribers that have paid for a paid webinar. This also includes subscribers with discount codes and subscribers you have given 'permission' to watch the webinar without payment.

  • Subscribers without completed payment: Subscribers that have registered and cannot access the live webinar because, for example, no payment has been made.

  • Viewers who have not filled out the evaluation form: What it says on the tin.

Plan your email

This is where you can plan the perfect moment for sending your mail. You have the ability to plan emails for up to 14 days before or after the webinar.

Click here for more information about planning in your mails and here for immediately sending them.

Please be mindful of the fact that reminder and follow-up emails are sent out every 15 minutes.

Edit email in editor

To edit your email, follow the steps:

  1. Click on your webinar.

  2. Click on 'Edit webinar'.

  3. Navigate to 'Emails'.

  4. Click on the email you wish to edit and click 'Edit email'.

Editing an email with the real-time editor

This will open the email in the editor and allow you to change the look and content of the email to match your corporate identity. You can do this at any time and your progress will be saved automatically after creating the email. Learn everything about our email editor here.

Do you have an email that’s still using the old editor? Learn how to change your old email to our new editor here or read more about the old editor in this article.

Please note! Changing to the new editor will remove all of the changes you’ve made to the email. The old layout and text cannot be recovered if you click this button.

Sending a test email

When you’re done editing your email, it’s a great idea to send yourself a test email first.

To do this, follow the steps:

  1. Click on your webinar.

  2. Click on 'Edit webinar'.

  3. Navigate to 'Emails'.

  4. Next, click on the email you wish to send and scroll down to 'Send test e-mail'.

  5. Fill in the recipient you'd like to send the test email to and click 'Send'.

The viewing link in the test email will redirect you to a dummy page.

Sending a test e-mail in WebinarGeek.

Please note! Changing the recipient for test emails is not possible during the free trial.

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