Connect webinars to each other and create a webinar series! This is a useful feature for e.g. the creation of a course with different lessons.

The benefit is only having to share a single link for the registration page, without having to configure all the settings for each webinar.

Visitors on your registration page can register for multiple webinars at the same time on that single page.

What does connecting do?

When connecting webinars, certain elements will be valid for all webinars in the same series. The connected webinars will be placed on a single registration page, where individuals can register themselves for one or multiple webinars.

The registration page, registration fields, embed form, confirmation page, payments, confirmation email and registration link are all one and the same for the connected webinars.

You can also see the notification below for this configuration of the connected webinars.

The other settings, such as the webinar page, presentation, video injection, sales page, evaluation, interactions and the reminder, follow up and replay emails won’t be used. These can be set for each individual webinar.

Connecting a webinar

After creating the 'main webinar' you create another new webinar that you’d like to connect to the 'main webinar'.

Set the title, date, time and other variables and click on the switch next to "Connect to a webinar series". Select a webinar to connect to and create the webinar.

In the webinar overview, connected webinars will be visually connected using a light-grey line.

Connected webinars cannot be disconnected.

You are however able to delete a connected webinar from the "main webinar".

Do this by clicking on the webinar overview, on the arrow next to "view details" > "Remove webinar" for the connected webinar.

Please note: The connected webinar will be permanently deleted and can no longer be recovered after removal.

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