In the end, this is what it’s all about. In this section, you’ll find an overview of all your webinars. From here, you can start creating a new webinar.

And once you gathered some momentum, there’s a possibility you lose the overview a little bit. Luckily, we developed several great tools for this.


If you’re an enthusiastic webinar creator, there will eventually be a point where you’ll lose the overview of your previous broadcasts.

As soon as you’ve got more than six webinars, you can start using filters in the overview.

By default, the filter “Future” will be used. That’s how you can see all webinars that are planned and still need to happen.

Click on the filter "Past" to see the webinars that already happened.

Filter by date

Click on "Filter by date" to look for a webinar you broadcasted in a certain time period.

Filter by webinar type

At "Filter webinars" you can filter the type of webinars you want to see.

At "Archived" you’ll see all webinars you archived. The archived webinars are only visible here.

Want to search quickly by name? Fill in (part of the) name of your webinar in "Search".

Archive and remove

With these options, you can keep your account clean and tidy. It’s possible to archive webinars or remove them. To be able to remove a webinar, it should be archived first.

Want to cancel a webinar? Click here for more information.

Archiving a webinar

In the webinar overview, click on the arrow next to "View details" of the webinar you’d like to archive. Choose "Archive webinar". The webinar can no longer be found in the webinar overview. The registration link is still active, so people can still register for the webinar when data is available.

You can find your archived webinars by clicking on "Filter webinars" > "Archived" in the webinar overview.

Want to undo the archive action?

Click on the arrow next to "View details" > "Unarchive webinar". The webinar will be displayed in the webinar overview again immediately.

Removing a webinar

To remove a webinar, you first need to archive it. After archiving, click on the arrow next to "View details" and choose "Remove webinar".

Please note: The webinar with recordings and statistics will be permanently deleted with this action (this cannot be undone).

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